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Denomination: Non-denominational

Welcome to CFAN. We are a church that is dedicated to four words: LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS!

This is a church in Tacoma, Washington that understands where you have been, and cares deeply about where you are going. CFAN is an atmosphere. The atmosphere at CFAN is one of powerful worship, authentic word and relationship. In fact, we believe that relationships are the only thing we take with us into eternity. At CFAN we don’t just teach you how to apply basic principles, rather we start with the question, who is Christ, then what does his Word say, and then how do we apply it to your life.

CFAN does not view Christianity as a single event, it is a growing experience. Come join us as we travel this journey, line upon line, precept upon precept and unlock the fullness of life that Jesus Christ has intended for you.

CFAN is not just about making decisions, it is about making disciples. We are confident that CFAN will not just affect you on a personal level, but on a generational level. It is going to rock your world; it’s going to affect your parents and your grandparent’s lives.

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Sunday Services & Groups

7:30am & 8:30am (45 minutes)
Coaching Class with Pastor Bill Wolfson in room C-201

8:30am (60 minutes)
Nations Bible Club
For 1st-5th graders

9:00am (45 minutes)
Discipleship Sign Up and Orientation (2nd Sunday of the Month)
Children's Ministry

10:00am (90 minutes)
Celebration Service
(Interpretation available)
Children's Ministries
Nations Jr. High
Deaf Church

7:00pm (90 minutes)
True North Young Adults
(September through June)
True North is a place for 18-30 somethings to connect with each other and the Word.

111 – 112th Street East Tacoma Washington United States 98445

  • Bill Wolfson

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