St Matthias is an Anglican Church, with many of us coming from diverse backgrounds.

We are all drawn to this place by the heart felt welcome and a sense of Godís life changing presence. It is a place of safety, where we can get to know each other and God deeply, and where we are known by each other and by God.

An ancient man called Ezekiel, once had a vision of water, life giving water flowing out to the world.

'Where the river flows everything will live'. We embrace this vision through three words: Source, Stream, Sea.

We want to do all we can to come to, and introduce others to the one who is the source of living water, Jesus Christ. He said if anyone is thirsty let them come to me and drink Ė in busy and pressurised Auckland many have a deep thirst.

This describes a dynamic flowing life where there is nourishment and healing. Ezekiel says that trees grow by the river whose fruit is for food and whose leaves for healing. We invite our community to become part of the healing and renewal of Panmure and Auckland and all who live here or who pass through.

'Where the river flows everything will live' Ė this verse speaks of the sea, the world, that the river reaches and transforms. We are praying that our eyes may see the transformation of Auckland. May the reputation of Panmure be different, a place where God lives by his Spirit, a place of prayer, a place of strong churches, a place where children are loved and looked after. A place where people are restored, reconciled and renewed.

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Sunday 8AM

A holy communion liturgical service. This service features a blend of traditional and contemporary elements. Communion is served each Sunday.
A good place to recalibrate the compass towards God.

Sunday 10AM

A place where there is a real sense of Godís presence. The service combines worship, teaching, communion and ministry. A childrenís program is offered for kids aged 2-10, and a youth program for 11-13s. You are invited to join us for morning tea and a warm welcome in the Hall after the service.

Wednesday 10AM

A place of sanctuary. Come and find peace, rest and hope. Need time out, need some space to yourself, come and receive Communion and allow God to dwell and speak into that space.

The service is followed by the traditional St Matthias warm welcome and morning tea.

5 Thompson Rd Panmure Auckland New Zealand 1072

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